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We love Wednesdays! Experience EVERY emotion on our Wonderful Wednesday Adventure Outings, where we aim for EXCITEMENT, AMAZEMENT, SHOCK and AWE with every Adventure! Our Adventure Outings are GUARANTEED to bring SPICE to your Mom's life! Some of our past Adventures have included giraffe feeding, camel smooching, picnics in the park, theatre, guided tours through every museum imaginable, restaurant eating, ice-cream shoppe tasting, butterfly watching, bird holding, deer feeding, pet store going, zoos, farms, galleries, gardens, working at charities and so much more! Our Wednesday Adventure Outings are THRILLING! We have THOUSANDS of pictures and have received HUNDREDS of written compliments praising our program...but our best thanks is seeing your mom smile, knowing we are making a difference in her life! SAY HELLO TO ADVENTURE!

"I LOVE her pictures and this is the most awesome gift to us to be able to see her interacting and being loved by all of you. Thank you, Taraleigh. I wish the rest of this world were like you!"
— Kristine O.

"Taraleigh, With time to reflect I'm remembering how safe, secure and at home Millie felt at San Nicolas. Your cleanlinesss and genuine caring for the ladies was very important to us. Each and every "caregiver" was exceptional. Your house is professional, but a very friendly atmosphere and have I mentioned "fun"! Mom, Bob and I always had fun and some good laughs with you all — that means a lot. The "babies" were a big bonus to Mom — she loved them so much. I can never thank you enough for all your kindnesses. Love and prayers from your friends."
— Linda and Bob.

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