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We have a very innovative Arts and Crafts Program! We want your mom to be happy and thoroughly involved while working on her hand-eye coordination AND all the while, HAVING FUN! We don't just promise an Arts and Crafts Program, we actually do it and have THOUSANDS of pictures and received HUNDREDS of written compliments on our program to prove it! Some of our creative endeavors include oil painting, finger painting, flower arrangements, personalized party mugs, shirt painting, bird house decorating, wreath making, card making, jewelry making, creating decorations for all of our awesome parties: Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, Saint Patrick's Day, Independence Day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving! We also offer basket making, pumpkin carving, Easter egg painting, hat making, posters, signs, room plaques and all kinds of other crafts! HEY, THIS IS BETTER THAN HOME!

'Just did a tour through some of your galleries, and am so pleased at how happy she looks in your activities.
It is obvious she is in the right place! Thank you."
— Amy G.

"So many thanks for so many things. Thank you so much for the lovely surprise and the beautiful fruit baskets. The care and concern you gave to our mother was such a blessing to Patsy and me. We, especially, enjoyed spending Tuesdays with everyone at the sing-along. We felt great peace of mind having mom with you. San Nicolas is not only a beautiful home, but it has beautiful people there, who care about their guests!"
— Lois and Patsy (daughters of Marguerite L.)

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