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A large majority of elderly become more and more isolated as they get older due to friends passing and physical limitations, leading to a downward spiral of depression and anxiety. We believe that strong social connections vastly improve your mother's quality of life (and is the secret of youth!) Many families that have complained that their mother has become a "hermit in her own home" are amazed at the VAST improvement their mother makes (physically and mentally) in our stimulating social setting! On the other hand, we have also had families complain that their mothers were getting too overwhelmed by the largess and impersonalization of the large assisted living centers and started to "hole up in their rooms," but in our cozy, personalized setting these same women blossom again! We work hard to create an engaging environment where the seeds of friendship can grow by providing many delightful opportunities for meaningful interaction: through cooking and baking, in our Cool Cooking Program, making new things in our Amazing Arts and Crafts Program, by providing thrilling memories in our Wonderful Wednesday Adventure Outing Program (hey, it works for the reality series The Bachelor!), lots of parties, (even just hanging in the backyard), and so much more! We encourage connection and understanding of differences between our lovely ladies! The result? Our ladies help each other and become life-long friends!

"Dear Taraleigh and San Nicolas, Thank you so much for this beautiful 2 part Tribute to my mother, Laura and for posting all of these photos, some which I had not seen before. Laura loved being at San Nicolas and her friends there and I miss her so much as well as seeing and being with you all and the other ladies at San Nic. She was clearly loved and well cared for by all of you the last few years of her life. For that I will forever be grateful."
— Love, Debbie (daughter of Laura D)

"I can"t even begin to tell you how your pictures lifted my spirits! The woman you"ve captured there is someone we didn"t think we would see again. Just talked to Eric and we wish we had found your house a year ago. Thank you and your staff for all you helped us through and let me know if there is anything she needs."
— Amy G.

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